Jacobi AquaSorb 2000 Activated Carbon
Jacobi AquaSorb 2000 Activated Carbon
Jacobi AquaSorb 2000 Activated Carbon
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14 Nov 2019
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Specification of

Jacobi Aquasorb 2000 Activated Carbon is activated carbon from a type of bituminous coal which has a minimum amount of iodine of 1000 mg / g. Has a good level of hardness and mechanical strength so that when backwashing, this product can still be used well and can be reactivated again. Has high adsorbent density and maximum volume activity. It has a perfect balance between adsorption and pores so as to provide optimum performance in a variety of water treatment applications. And it can be used in various water treatment applications to remove dissolved organic compounds, such as removing color and odor in water.


Applicants:    Drinking water treatment.
    Process water purification.
    Waste water treatment.


Specifications :

- Material : Coalbased

- Iodine number : min. 1000 mg/g

- Moisture content : max. 5%

- Total ash content : max. 15%

- Wettability : min. 95%

- Hardness : min. 95%

- Surface area : 1050 m2/g

- Methylene blue number : 280 mg/g

- Apparent density : min 480 kg/m3

- Backwashed and drained density : 450 kg/m3

- Packing : 25 kg/bag

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